Animal Shelters & Aviaries

Bird Aviaries and Animal Shelters

Bird Aviaries and Animal Shelters are manufactured to suit your requirements. We prefer to design the cages so that we get the best possible recovery from the materials that we are working with, this means that you are not paying for numerous off cuts of materials.

Price on application

The cage in the above pictured is 2400mm long x 915mm wide and 1800mm high. It has a hinged door with a pad bolt lock, six swivel castors for easy manouverability, a form ply base for easy cleaning, mini corodek zincalume sheeting at the side and rear, galvanised weld mesh on the front, top and right hand side. The 12.7 x 12.7 x 1.24mm galvanised weld mesh is small enough to stop snakes entering or exiting depending on which side of the cage you wish them to live on and is also course enough not to harm the bird's or animal's claws/paws etc.

Dog Kennels

We call this kennel The Little Queenslander. The kennel is mounted on posts so that the animals can lie underneath in the hot summer months. The 50mm thick timber floor section is 2400 wide x 1600 deep. The roof has gutters fitted on both sides, a water tank and a self watering system, so that the animals will never be without water. This unit is large enough to accomodate two dog beds in the centre section and still gives them plenty of sun baking area around the deck. An overkill yes, but we do love our dogs.

$1,700.00 Inc GST Ex Lismore